The Last of Us: Part 2 Santa Barbara Mansion Interior

Collection of my work from Last of Us Part: II. Work consisted of texturing, creating some materials, creating shaders, all blend work, uv'ing, set dressing with additional modeling. While both Sam and I took this level from block-out to beta I continued on taking it to final working both on textures and additional modeling. Tiffany Chu assisted in a polish phase in the end with texture and set dressing along with multiple environment artist helped listed below. Being that games are a large team effort a lot of textures and assets are shared throughout the game made by various artists.

Environment Artist: Sam Bean
Texture Artist: Katelyn Johnson
Lighting Artist: Boon Cotter
Design: Emilia Schatz
Concept: Aaron Limonick
Additional Texture: Tiffany Chu
Additional Environment Artist: Josh Corbin, Sharon Bednarek & Mark Sheppard